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We’ve sent Bite Marks off to the printers

Bite Marks is on Backerkit.
We’ve sent Bite Marks off to the printers, which means it’s now available for pre-order if you missed the  Kickstarter  campaign.
Bite Marks is a PBTA game of werewolf pack dynamics. This is a game  about  being a werewolf, in a Pack.

The Pack is a deeply intimate and close family; like a family

sometimes it is full of love and happiness and sometimes it is brutal and dysfunctional.
But love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it – it will shape you.
Fearless Alpha, dedicated foot soldier, pacifist scholar or rebellious cub – your  relationship  with the Pack is the cornerstone of who and what you are.
You might notice the game’s name has changed – we had some difficulty with a similarly-named board game, hence the change.

We hope you like it!You can pre-order Bite Marks here

Get our  games  on itchio.
We’ve also uploaded our back catalogue of smaller  games  to itchio.
These include some of the first  games  we ever designed.
Create your own disaster  movie , fight a deadly duel between close friends, play farm animals overthrowing the despotic farmer, and more.
Most of them are free (with optional donation).
And we’re uploading the  games  we’ve offered through our patreon.

The first two games, Soap Bubble and What the Water Gave Me are already up there

with more coming soon.
Of course, if you like  these  then you should consider backing the patreon, where you’ll regularly get games like this, before they show up on itchio.     Last Fleet playtest.

The first two rounds of Last Fleet playtests are complete

As a reminder.

Last Fleet is a PBTA game where you play brave pilots

officers, engineers and politicians on board a rag-tag fleet of ships, fleeing across space from an implacable, inhuman adversary.
The game is in great shape, but there have been some tweaks which need further playtesting.
If you’d like to take it out for a spin, drop us a line at [email protected] space .net and we’ll send you a playtest pack.
itchio    soap bubble what the water gave me.
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