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GoerTek Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light

Top 10 Best Night Light  Projectors  in 2020 Reviews.
If you want to decorate your space at night, in a special way then  purchasing  a high-quality night light projector is a wise selection.
This product is designed with a variety of lighting modes  to choose  from or different films that show awesome patterns on the wall or ceiling.
Moreover, some of them possess a built-in sound system or speakers so that you can  experience  both vivid lights and perfect sounds.
As being portable,  lightweight  and cordless, the product can be used anywhere regardless of indoors or outdoors.
Especially, these night light projectors are extremely safe to use,  your eyes  will not suffer from any damage when normal using.
Below are the top 10 best night light projectors that offer advanced quality and great  performance s.
You don’t need to waste your time  considering  all of the available products, just take a look at this list and choose the most wonderful night light projector that is worth your investment.
Table Best Night Light  Projectors .
Preview                 Product                                                     Price                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Aurora Night Light, LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote, 8 Mode Lighting Shows, Built in.
$25.49                                                                           Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Moredig Night Light Projector  Remote Control  and Timer Design Projection lamp, Built-in 12 Light.
Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Star Night Light for Kids, Universe Night Light Projection Lamp, Romantic Star Sea Birthday New.
$18.04                                                                           Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Night Lights for Kids -Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp for Decorating.
Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           [ Newest Vision ] Star Light Rotating Projector, MOKOQI Night Lighting Star Moon Projection Lamp 4.
$25.95                                                                           Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Night Light Projector,Delicacy 2 in 1 Ocean Undersea Lamp and Starry Sky Projector, 360° Rotating 8.
$20.99                                                                           Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ocean Wave Projector, Night Light Lamp with Adjustable Lightness Remote Control Timer 8 Lighting.
$26.18                                                                           Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unicorn Gifts for Girls Star Night Light Projector Toys for Kids Toddlers, Girl Gifts for 1 2 3 4.
Buy on Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Exelme Night Light Projector Ocean Wave - Sound Machine with Soothing Nature Noise and Relaxing.
Buy on Amazon                                                         1.
Aurora Night Light 8 Mode LED Aurora Projector with Built-In Speaker.
Moredig Black White Night Light Projector 360-Degree Rotating.

Elmchee Set of Three Star Night Light for Kids with Universe Projection


Luckkid Kids Night Lights Multifunctional Design Set of 5 Films

Star Light Shut-Off 4 LED Rotating Projector.
Delicacy 2-in01 Night Light Projector Ocean Undersea for Kids.
GoerTek Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light.

SUNNEST Rotating Kids Night Lights Start Night Light

C.works Unicorn Girl Gifts Night Light Projector Rotating Light.
Exelme Ocean Wave Night Light Projector with Relaxing Light Show and Soothing Nature Noise.
Aurora Night Light 8 Mode LED Aurora Projector with Built-In Speaker.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON The Aurora night light projector is certainly a high-end product that offers a number of distinctive features allowing you to brighten up your dark room with a gorgeous show of colors.
Being approved by the FDA, this is a safe projector as its laser is under 5mw.
Coming to the features, this product is equipped with a remote control to adjust the brightness conveniently with three levels.
Also, auto-off timer, still/rotation setting is available.
To bring the user the greatest experiences, this night light projector especially offers 2 ways of using.
You can use it as a night light or a galaxy aurora projector.
Thus, this product can create a relaxing and comfortable environment for both adults and children.
Remarkably, it is not simply a night light, it’s also a loud speaker when you plug in your smartphone, iPod, and MP3 with the available aux cable.

Key Features   FDA-approved: ensure safety for your eyes

Adjustable brightness: different levels from 30% to 100%.
Lighting projection: 8 modes and 3 colors.
Built-in speaker: produce high-quality sounds.
Pros    Offer 45 degree title design.
Provided with 12 months exchange.
Built-in mini speaker with a AUX cable in the package.
Smart adjustable brightness and easy timer setting.
Two ways of using: night light or aurora light show.
Cons    Does not include battery operation.
Moredig Black White Night Light Projector 360-Degree Rotating.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON If you are looking for a suitable night light for your kids to sleep soother at night then Moredig is a worth consideration.
Being designed with starry sky and animal world projection lamp, this product can stimulate kids’ creativity, imagination, and curiosity about the outside world.
In addition to awesome lights, it’s also accompanied by 12 melodious music songs that let you fall asleep fast and peacefully.
Furthermore, this night light projector comes with 360 degree rotating design with 4 LED light colors and 8 available modes for users to adjust freely.
You no longer have to get out of the bed just to turn off the light as the remote control is included in the package.
Particularly, the light can be turned off automatically thanks to the auto-off timer up to 500 minutes.

Key Features   Auto-off design: Set time between 5 and 500 minutes

World projection: project sky and animals.
Built-in songs: 12 musical songs for toddlers.
Ease of use: easy to control with the remote control.
Pros    Auto off timer design.
Offer 360 degree rotating and 8 Colors Mode.
Come with timer and 12 music songs.
Starry sky or animal world projection for kids.

Powered by 4*AAA batteries or USB cable

Cons    Batteries and plugs are not included.
Elmchee Set of Three Star Night Light for Kids with Universe Projection.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON When you desire a night light projector that will brighten up your space in just a few seconds then Elmchee is an option you never want to miss.
This is a multifunctional product, you can use it as a colorful projector for weddings, parties, and so on or it can be an ideal night light for your bedroom.
Unlike other products, Elmchee star night light is designed with three films of three different themes: happy birthday, starry sky and magical universe.
Therefore, you will not struggle with your kids’ bedtime anymore, they will love these light patterns at first sight then always fall asleep easily.
What is amazing about this night light is its price.
It comes with an affordable cost while bringing wonderful performances.
Due to the outstanding features, this product is certainly a cool gift for your beloved kids.

Key Features   Multifunctional design: Used for different purposes

Lighting effects: slow fade, combination, sequential, yellow, blue, and white.
Great convenience: You can charge it with two methods.
Optional films: there are 3 different themes.
Pros    Possess cheaper price than similar products.
Three optional films and 6 lighting effects.
Provide 100% refund guarantee or free change.
Two functional buttons: night light or projecting light.

A USB wire is included in the package

Cons    Set up by pressing the button with no remote control.
Luckkid Kids Night Lights Multifunctional Design Set of 5 Films.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON Dispel the fear of darkness at bedtime with Luckkid night light that will shine the gorgeous patterns on your wall and ceiling.
Equipped up to 5 rotatable optional films, this product will immediately bring a vivid and warm atmosphere so that you can feel relaxed while boosting your kids’ imagination and creativity.
More amazingly, this is a suitable item for both indoors and outdoors as it is cordless.
Besides, coming with up to 6 lighting effects to choose from makes it suitable for all user requirements.
With a compact design, Luckkid night light can be used at any event and in different spaces.
This innovative light will transform your room into a magnificent sky-like space at night.
When purchasing it, you can enjoy romantic moments and give your kids fantastic nights as well.

Key Features   6 lighting effects: combination

slow fade, sequential, white, yellow, and blue.
Rotatable films: interesting your kids with different themes.
Multifunctional design: us as a projector or a night light.
Beautiful design: Complement other elements in the room.
Pros    Lightweight and portable.
Simple to operate and control.
Easy to use with 2 control buttons.
Offer up to 5 rotatable optional films and 6 lighting effects.
Can be powered with a USB connection or AA batteries.
Cons    The remote control is not included.
Star Light Shut-Off 4 LED Rotating Projector.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON If your baby does not like sleeping in the dark, this product is absolutely what you are looking for.
This night lamp comes with an egg-shaped design that can easily bright up your sleeping room.
MOKOQI provides an awesome night light for not only sleeping but also traveling because it has a USB cable for you to plug it in at home and can also use the battery option with AAA battery size for traveling.
This product is guaranteed to illuminate up to 995 minutes.
Moreover, it can switch off automatically by simply pressing and holding the button D.
With this feature, you don’t have to worry if it takes a long time for your kids to sleep or when your kids may wake up in the middle of the night.
It is an ideal gift for your children.
Key Features   Egg shape: an adorable and modern design for your room.
4 modes: different colors and features.
Many power options, such as batteries or USB cable.
4 beds: provide better light than other models.
Pros    Come with multi colors and 8 modes.
Have an automatically switch-off system.
Have a beautiful design.
Include both battery and power option.
Made of durable material.
Cons    This product doesn’t include a battery.
Delicacy 2-in01 Night Light Projector Ocean Undersea for Kids.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON If your kids are an aquatic animal lover, this is a must-have item to decorate their rooms.
For this product, you can easily change the projector from the ocean undersea to the starry sky just by removing it.
There are many different light colors to reach any rooms’ style or kids’ hobbies.
One of its advantages is that it has a flexible 360-degree rotation even when you want it to rotate dynamic or become static.
In addition, the main function of a night light is to help your kid focus calming down more and help them feel sleepy and can sleep deeper.
So, this product can meet any strict requirements.
It can not only use to light up your bedroom but also decorate your indoor or outdoor events with its beautiful projectors.
Key Features            Easy control: three buttons on its front side.
8 colors: different tones and patterns.

Power supply: powered by an USB cable or 4 AAA batteries

Rotation: Rotate in 360 degrees for better vision.
Pros    Come with 2 changeable projectors.
Have flexible 360 ° rotation.
Can be seen as the best gift for kids.
Include both battery and USB charging cable.
Different light colors to choose.
Cons    A bit smaller than expected.
GoerTek Ocean Wave Projector LED Night Light.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON If you choose GoerTek night lamp, you do have the best decision.
This can be seen as the best 2-in-1 night light ever.
With an affordable price, you will receive an ocean wave projector night light with an audio speaker.
It is not only suitable for kids but also for adults to calm down and fall asleep easily.
It comes with a USB cable for charging and connecting to your phone as well.
So, you can play your favorite songs while looking at the ocean wave it brings to.
Additionally, this light set also equips a remote control for customers to easily adjust the light brightness as well as the music volume, songs or flash mode.
The light range is wide enough to cover the entire room.
Now with this light, you don’t need to be afraid of the darkness while sleeping.
Key Features   Touch sensor: easy to adjust by touching.
Auto-off timer: choose to turn off the unit at different times.
Built-in speaker: plug in a device and play the music.
Adjustable lightness: 8 different modes to meet your preferences.
Pros    Come with a remote control and touch sensor keys.
Have an adjustable light mode.
Equip with a music speaker.
Automatically switch-off timer.
Can easily charge by USB cable.
Cons    Not a Bluetooth music speaker.
SUNNEST Rotating Kids Night Lights Start Night Light.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON There is no doubt that the night lights from SUNNEST receive a lot of compliments because of its effective function and beautiful design.
This product comes with a set of 4 different films including star moon, carousel, underwater world and universe planet for you to change.
These pretty images can appear in your kids’ dreams to help them feel safe and sleep deeply.
Made from environment-friendly material, this one is suitable for who concern much about protecting the environment.
Simple power buttons are designed nicely for kids to use.
Furthermore, it has a 360-degree rotation so that you can adjust it to the side you want without being afraid of damage.
With this night lamp from SUNNEST, you can easily make the sleeping time become an unforgettable moment for your kids.

Key Features   4 LED bulbs: ensure greater vision and illumination

Different projection modes: ocean, trojan, starry star, and magical universe.
Durability: made from sturdy and high-quality materials.
Power supply: powered by a power adapter or batteries.
Pros    Come with 4 beautiful projector sets.
Have a sturdy silicone strap to hang up.
Made from environment-friendly material.
Have a customer guarantee with 100% refund.
Lightweight and nice design.
Cons    AAA battery is not included.
works Unicorn Girl Gifts Night Light Projector Rotating Light.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON If you are searching for a unique and colorful gift for your kids, don’t hesitate to think of this night light from M.
This product aims to light up your space with amazing images such as a unicorn or starry night.
It helps create a romantic and relaxing background for your children to experience and comfort them to sleep deeply.
One of the best advantages of this product is that it makes no sound at all when working.
So that you don’t need to worry about the noise when you sleep.
Last but not least, the night light comes with 4 different colors that can suit both boys and girls including pink, blue, white and black.
This product has simple 3 buttons for its multifunctional options.
You can easily rotate it with the left button.
Key Features   Ultra quiet: very silent when operating.
Great design: cute and adorable form to interest your kids.
360-degree rotation: keep it dynamic and vivid.
Color variation: green, blue, red, and white.
Pros    Come with 4 different colors: pink, blue, black, white.
Super cute unicorn film.
Provide soft and romantic light.
Super quiet projector.
Adjustable light modes.
Cons    Battery is not included in the package.
Exelme Ocean Wave Night Light Projector with Relaxing Light Show and Soothing Nature Noise.
BUY NOW FROM AMAZON The last recommendation in this article is for Exelme night light.
With a mini remote control, you can easily change the light brightness as well as the music sounds.
The light has 8 natural sounds so that you can experience your sleeping moment not only by eyes but also by ears.
The sounds from nature help you fall asleep easily.
This product has up to 12 LEDs to light up any corner of your space.
Moreover, the auto switch-off timer system with 3 different options including 1,2 and 4 hours help you sleep nicely without caring about wasting electricity.
The 1,2 meters USB cable can help you charge this night light more effective and can easily plug to anywhere of your bedroom.
There is no doubt that this product is considered as the best choice for baby nursery and bedroom.
Key Features   Nature sounds: provide a peaceful setting for overall relaxation.
Lighting modes: 12 LED to choose your favorite tones.
Auto-off timer: stop the light whenever you want.
Ease of use: User-friendly design for everyone.
Pros    Come with a music speaker with 8 natural sounds.
Have an automatically turn-off timer.
Equip with a remote control.
Include 7 lightening options.
Have a beautiful design.
Cons    The light rotation seems to stick a bit.
Key features to take into consideration when choosing a night light projector.
Since there is a wide variety of products available on the market, it is necessary to consider carefully before making a decision.
Below are some important features that you should look for in a good night light projector:  Level of brightness.
The most important thing that you need to look first at a night light projector is definitely the brightness options.
A product that is too bright would affect your sleep, thus spoiling the whole purpose of purchasing one in the first place.
On the other hand, a night light projector that is too dim might not provide sufficient illumination for you to see around during the middle of the night.
A simple way to test if the chosen product is too bright or not is to turn it on in the darkness.
Turn your head in the direction of the light and close the eyes.
If you would still feel the glow of the light when your eyes are closed, then it is too bright for your needs.
Several night light projects come with a lampshade.
This would be a great decorative touch for many people.
However, keep in mind that this feature would also dim a light that is too bright.
Light color.
It is important to know that white and blue would actually disrupt our sleep patterns.
It is mainly because the body naturally associates these tones with daytime.
In general, the best color option for a night light projector is warm, such as yellow, red, as well as orange.
Many people think that red light can most closely imitate the light that a baby would perceive in the womb.
For infants, it is particularly important to choose a product with a soft red light.
Common types of night light projectors.
These days, there are many types of night light projectors with different features, prices, designs, and more.
Below are several common options that you would often see on the market: Plug-in  When it comes to a night light projector, then plug-in models might be the first things that come to our mind.
In general, they are attached to a simple 2 or 3-pronged plug.
It requires access to an operating electrical outlet to run.
It is quite common to find a plug-in model with an integrated sensor that would automatically switch the light off when the sun rises and on when it is dark.
Projection  Projection models can shine and display an image, such as the stars or the moon, on the wall or ceiling of your room.
They are popular options for kids and young people.
Many lights can project cartoon characters and animals as well.
In addition, there are special models specially designed for babies that are able to produce soft music.
However, there might be the main disadvantage of this type.
You need to keep a proper distance between the light source and the wall or ceiling to prevent the projected image from being distorted.
Soft  Soft night light projectors are great plush toys with a built-in dim light.
This style is specially designed for cuddling, making it perfect for kids who are scared in the dark.
In addition, you would put a soft light in the crib to make your baby more comfortable and fall asleep easier.
Sleeping difficulty and the fear of darkness are not your frequent problems anymore if you equip your room with an appropriate night light.
These top 10 best night light projectors are all the highest-rated and best seller products in the market.
Thus, keep reading and find out the most suitable night light that can meet all your expectations.
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