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Archer®MET CDx approval in Japan

Co- development  Services.
Matching patients to your targeted therapy.
We specialize in helping  companies  develop, validate and commercialize companion diagnostics and other in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests, to help more patients benefit from targeted therapies                                                                                 As your diagnostic partner, we’re here to support your therapeutic launch every step of the way — from discovery to commercialization.
Co- development  Pathway.

How ArcherDX develops companion diagnostics

Biomarker  discovery .
Areas of  discovery .
Tumor  Profiling .
Tumor  Monitoring .
Liquid Biopsy.
Gene expression  signature s.
CAR-T tracking.
Viral  Integration .
Immune  sequencing .
Discovery products.
Use our assays.
> 20 products available.
All include design software and team.
Design your own assays.
> 16,000 primers in a single tube.

Powered by our flexible AMP technology

We offer best-in-class panels and ability to assess feasibility in-house or in coordination with certified partners.
Verification and validation.
ISO Certified.

We are ISO 13485:2016 certified to help with quality assurance  and  submission planning

The flexibility to offer decentralized testing.
Decentralized tests can help expedite recruiting and patient enrollment, in addition to helping retain clinical study participants — helping address logistical challenges and cost for study sponsors.
Global reach.
ArcherDX has globally distributed products and CRO relationships worldwide                                                                                                                                                         3.
Our extensive knowledge in CDx commercialization allows us to support multiple approaches to your launch strategy, helping ensure every biomarker-eligible patient can receive your targeted therapy.
Learn more about our partnerships:.
Collaboration with AstraZeneca to develop Personalized Cancer Monitoring (PCM) assays for MRD.

Collaboration with Bayer to develop companion diagnostic to detect NTRK gene fusions

Archer®MET CDx approval in Japan.
Ready to Start.
Request A Consultation.
2477 55th Street, Suite 202                              Tell:.
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