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Detailed Description of Core Competencies

RTTP Core  Competencies .
Detailed Description of Core Competencies, Skills, and  Experience .
These core  competencies  have been developed in collaboration with existing national frameworks in several key countries.

Strategic & Business Insight – strategic thinking; market-led

business acumen, and commercial skills.
Relevant skills/  experiences  may include:   Identifying/ sourcing opportunities/ initiatives.
Translating market  knowledge  into commercial opportunities.
Scenario building, assessing risks, undertaking  due diligence .
Formulating the vision, setting  direction , and securing buy-in.
Developing the strategy and design of projects/  initiatives .
Defining the market and business strategy and/ or the  marketing  cycle.
Matching skills,  experience , capacity, and resources to opportunities.
Entrepreneurial Leadership – leadership in building collaboration and partnerships and changing organizations through innovation.
Relevant skills/ experiences may include:   Creating the appropriate environment/ climate for knowledge exchange.
Overcoming institutional issues or partner barriers through flexible, creative solutions.
Aligning funding opportunities with strategic aims and priorities.
Engagement in securing funding.

Identifying and securing new funding to support KE/KT/TT projects and/ or initiatives

Supporting new venture formation, structures, legal frameworks, shareholder agreements, and accessing investment funding.
Developing and managing community-based or charitable projects.
Nurturing new ventures/ projects until financial independence.
Legal, scientific and technical knowhow – understanding and managing the legal, contractual, and domain issues required to effectively exchange and transfer knowledge.
Relevant skills/ experiences may include:   Assessing the technical and scientific attributes and commercial potential of IP.

Developing an IP exploitation strategy to meet commercial needs

Applying different licensing and business models.
Protecting, packaging, .

And enforcing any IP needed for the project

Drafting, negotiating, .

And reviewing relevant IP licenses and agreements

Understanding and demonstrating expertise in commercial law/ finance frameworks.
Interpreting, advising on, and managing risk.
Complying with relevant external regulations including national/ international jurisdictions relating.
To legislation, guidance.

And commercial and ethical standards Effective Engagement – marketing

promotion, brokering, communication, persuasion and influencing required to bring partners together.
Relevant skills/ experiences may include:   Building new networks for University/ business collaboration.
Researching and creative planning to identify potential partners.
Applying the marketing mix to relevant markets/ segments.

Digital Marketing and social media

Finding partners, investors, and collaborators.
Brokering partners and solutions.
Informing and persuading potential partners.
Leading, structuring and realising complex negotiation, reconciling different perspectives to achieve resolution e.g.
conflicts with lawyers, accountants.
Managing effective relationships with stakeholders with different cultures or backgrounds e.g.
contracts, milestones, deliverables, managing disputes, resolving problems.
Governance and Project Management – managing complex projects to transfer/ exchange knowledge and ensuring effective governance and compliance.
Relevant skills/ experiences may include:   Establishing governance frameworks for multi-stakeholder projects.
Developing, setting up.
and managing complex projects e.g.
contracts, budgets, milestones, deliverables, decisions, handling information, and reporting on outcomes and successes.
Compliance with relevant legal, ethical, and project-related requirements.
Developing, setting up, and managing customer experience/ delivering or facilitating outcomes.
Evaluation – commitment to self-reflection and evaluation, as part of a culture of continuous improvement in both practice, and outcomes to all partners.
Knowledge Transformation and Management – administration of systems and processes to support the effective transfer or exchange of knowledge.

Relevant skills/ experiences may include:   Knowledge capture and management
Knowledge value recognition & reconciliation

Administration of knowledge, and information flow.
Developing, setting up, and managing systems (including ICT systems) to handle knowledge from its creation or capture through to the completion of the objectives and ensuring that information flows efficiently to achieve KE/KT/TT objectives.
Developing and managing networks and ecosystems.
Allocation of funding for facilitating knowledge exchange.
RTTP Core Competencies.

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