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from John Harper and Sean Nittner

on  on  on  on  on.
, from John Harper and Sean Nittner, has recently been delivered in its second edition from a  successful  Kickstarter.
Its first edition was an  excellent  blend of storygaming sensibilities and hard-core gamism – it was explicitly competitive, and when I ran it at cons it was deliberately about who could amass the most Glory by the end of the session.
If you want to hear the game in action, there’s a series of  Actual Plays   in which me and my fellow players tackle a series of its islands, ably provided with Strife by Gaz from.
By having everyone roll and compete, you introduce an interesting  spotlight -sharing technique – it’s not just about how well you do, but whom is most impressive.
It’s a technique I’d like to try in  other games  (see my post on  for examples of others) – the competitive roll where you don’t just want to succeed, but also be the best.
August 26, 2020 at 6:20 pm.
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