Each rank of Two-Handed Mastery gives Attack Rating

Din’s Curse Class Info.
Overview: One of the most intriguing aspects of Din’s Curse – and a source of much of it’s replay value – is the ability to create “Hybrid” classes.
A Hybrid is a combination of two character skill trees – the player is free to combine any two together, (even two identical trees), to create their new class.
The hero gains all the free passives and equipment of both skill trees, and access to every power.
The upside to creating a hybrid is that players can engineer some ridiculously destructive power combinations – such as mixing elemental trees that were balanced around NOT having debuffs or passive masteries with skill sets that DO.
Additionally, lines can be doubled on to magnify passive damage boosts.
For Example, selecting Ice Mage/Ice Mage to double-dip into two Ice Masteries simultaneously, or getting two normally long re-cast DOOM spells to spam continually .
The downside of hybrids is they have, on average, 25% less life and mana per stat point, and miss out on their third tree’s passive benefits.
So, they do tend to be noticeably less durable than their pure class count erparts.
Additionally, care must be taken when combining trees, less you find yourself stuck on a melee class that lack chain or plate armor access.
A Hybrid done poorly sucks.
But a hybrid that was carefully planned and equipped, is the most destructive possible thing that is not named “Warlock Specialized Conjurer.” Strongest Individual Skill Trees:.
Reaver: • Ravage • Two-Handed Mastery • Breach • Plate Armor • Fire Strike Warlock: • Summon Fury • Demon Mastery • Curse of Pain • Curse of Enfeeblement • Curse of Vulnerability Ice Mage: • Ice Storm • Shatter • Cold Mastery • Frost Bite • Permafrost Noteworthy Skills: Powerhouse Hybrids: Reaver/Paladin Druid/Druid Gladiator/Druid Hunter/Ice Mage Warlock/Healer Weaponmaster/Reaver Gladiator/Reaver Hunter/Assassin Paladin/Weaponmaster Firemage/Warlock Druid/Assassin The Best Skills in the Game of Their Type: Whirlwind: This is the king of all melee skills.
It slices to pieces everything in a radius around the user.
It’s also mana-effecient, hard hitting and on a short cool-down timer.
Whirlwind is the best melee skill in the entire game.
Everything else that’s “good” is only considered so because it’s similar – i.e.
a high damage multi-target melee attack.

Ravage and Cleave are the “poor imitations” of Whirlwind

and STILL incredibly powerful.

Two-Handed Mastery: No passive melee skill gives so much utility per point of investment

Each rank of Two-Handed Mastery gives Attack Rating, Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage, Percentage Critical Hit AND Crushing Blow.
Most classes would need to sink a huge portion of their skill points into multiple melee passives to get what this single ability grants.

Two-Handed Mastery by itself makes large weapons viable

Earthquake: Earthquake is bar none the strongest offensive spell in the game

It has everything a player wants in an AoE attack – huge damage

coverage of an insane area, a short cast timer and the debris it drops function as a sort of crowd control.
with the slight chance of crushing their user.
The spell flat out cleans entire rooms in seconds, leaving nothing but loot and rubble in it’s wake.

Demon Armor: Some defensive passive make it harder to hurt the player

Demon Armor does that and more.
It amps the players damage mitigation, it takes huge bites out of critical hits , and it even reduces enemy crushing blows.

Nothing else is in the same league as Demon Armor in terms of passive defensive skills

Even Plate Armor – which is itself overpowered – pales by contrast

Summon Fury: The Raise Dead and Raise Skeleton spells need corpses to generate

Fire Elementals only last a short duration.
A Warlock can only summon a single Chaos Lord, and Scree’s are pussy’s.

Summoned Fury’s on the other hand

No requirements , no bodies, no fuss, no muss, no duration and no long recast timers.
summon a herd of durable, chain-stunning, death dealing demons who level up into champions incredibly quickly.
The pets are even smart enough to use HEALING STONES in the dungeon when low on life.
There is no better summoning spell SKILL than this, .

And Summon Fury is so ridiculous that it will make anything

ANYTHING it’s paired with viable.

A player could do nothing but sink every skill point into Summon Fury

and then proceed to trash through the entire game – with near zero fear of death.
This skill truly is THAT good.
Any line even slightly complimentary is Godmode.