Tim Young Founding General Partner

Tim Young.
Tim Young.
Tim Young Founding General Partner , Eniac Ventures Tim Young is a Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures with two exits as an entrepreneur and over 20 years of experience advising and investing in 100+ early-stage startups.
Tim has been fascinated by technology since his mother taught him to code in Fortran at the age of 10.
He went on to study engineering and become a patent attorney and tech entrepreneur.

Prior to founding Eniac in 2009

Tim founded Bridge, an enterprise software company focusing on corporate training in Beijing, China, which he led to an 8-figure exit.
Prior to Bridge, Tim led product at Quoteship, a B2B marketplace for logistics, which exited to Logistics.com (NASD: ICGE).

Tim also spent time coding at ExxonMobil

managing product at BAE Systems, and advising startups on Patent and other IP issues at MoFo.
During downtime, .

You can find Tim exploring the mountains and oceans

He has surfed on six continents and plans to sail to Hawaii in the upcoming Pacific Cup

Tim is also passionate about combating climate change and sits on the board of the Institute for Energy & Climate Strategies (IECS).
Tim received his BSE in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where he received an award for cancer research from Bristol-Myers Squibb.
He also received his J.

From the University of Pennsylvania Law School

Tim is a member of the State Bar of California and is a US Patent and Trademark Office registered attorney.
The partners call Tim the closer because of his ability to find the best partners and close rounds for our portfolio companies.
Website http://www.eniac.vc/ Follow.